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St Louis Car 09

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Huh? Can anyone answer this?


I am asking this because M7A's A (even numbered) cars face Grand Central, while all others' A cars (not everything, though) face the other way. It is not like Long Island Rail Road, which all EMU's A cars face Long Island.


It faces either Grand Central or Connecticut, and I am looking for the answer of either one of the choices.

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Breaking news.The M8 passes its first acceleration test on its own power 20-40MPH!!!!!




Finally! Was that just the first set or was that all of the one that were delivered?

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I gotta get me another camera.I live near the Stamford station and maybe one day I might just spot them sitting at the station during testing.:)
Let's hope you're lucky. An article I read recently says that they plan to have 20+ cars in service by December, is this true?
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