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Metro-North Railroad Career Opportunities

S/A Vee

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Metro-North is currently looking for future custodians. The pay is damm good for a cleaner. Here's the link:




Your right it is pretty damn good. In fact it pays more than an (NYCT) CTA, by more than 3 dollars per hour.

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but looking at the pay scale,it will take 6-7 years to get to 25.67 and starting pay is possibly 70% of 25.67 which would be 7.58.(need some clarifications on this).


It takes five years to get to 100% wage ($25.25). Starting wage is 70% ($17.675). Every year there is an increase until the 100% wage is reached. The progression is 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100%.


This formula does not include any contractual raises. When there is a contractual raise all of the percentage values will increase. Example: if there was to be a 3% increase next year (which there won't be), the full wage will increase to $26.00/hr. At this point the 70% starting wage will increase to $18.205/hr and all increments will increase accordingly.

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