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4 Quickies

Daniel The Cool

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Picture 1: This picture isn't of anything. You should take pictures of the ends of the trains, not the middle because there's usually nothing to photograph in the middle. You should've waited for the train to leave.

2: You took the picture 3 seconds too early. It would have come out better if you had held the camera straight and waited a little more.

3: Tilted. Keep the camera straight.

4: You've taken this picture many times before. Instead of taking pictures of the (D) at Columbus Circle or 125th St., take the (D) down to the West End line and take pictures at places like Bay 50th St, or 9th Ave.

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Your Pics are nice, but you really need to learn how to expand on other lines or something. Every topoc of pics you load has at least 1 of the CPW line. You need to try something else


And I do agree with Kris! Str8en photos dude, Its not hard. If its hard then use Windows Live Photo Gallery or other image software to st8en it for you!

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Plus, all photo editing software has a 'Straighten' button, to make producing straight pictures easier.


Yup! Use to use it before, now I dont need it since i know how to straighten it :P..


But its up to him tho.. We said this many times in the past (I think) and nothing..

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