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B1 via 67 St-Leif Ericson Park

Sea Beach

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I was walking around the neighborhood today and I see an Out Of Service RTS on a one way street,67 st right along Leif Ericson Park, I knew it was an out of service B1 cause its an Ulmer Park bus and Bay Ridge Ave (69 St) which the B1 normally runs along is 2 blocks away from 67 st and I saw it make a left turn on Bay Ridge Ave (69 St) on Ft Hamilton Pkwy. I wonder why it was running over here,maybe the bus was early and had to kill time?



Ft Hamilton Pkwy-67 St-Leif Ericson Park











Enjoy ;)


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It can't be early. It can only be this late to skip all those stops and not waste time picking the passengers up (if it went into service.) OR probably was just late to the point where she had to terminate at Ft. Hamilton and turn back to the other side.

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