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Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

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Anyone know what # they are up to? And does anyone have the direct number to the employment center (for future reference)? I called the main HR number a couple of times and got lost in the prompts and when I actually got a person I got a "stock" answer and all but rushed me


Man I wish this list could move like the T/O list... I want at least the letter, even if it says "come to 180 Livingston 6 months from now" lol :lol:

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The SIR list is not the same as NYCT my apologies, I didn't see the post where you said you were on the SIR list...


SIR used to have a hiring process similar to Metro-North and LIRR (you had to know someone) but SIR is transitioning to a NYCT style hiring process, which is discussed earlier in this thread and in the T/O 8098 thread (despite that they, like MaBSTOA and MTA Bus, are under no obligation to follow such procedures as SIR is not a civil service position.)


But, you can't promote to a NYCT position from SIR. Should you want an NYCT position, you would have to resign from SIR and start all over again with NYCT in seniority, sick pay, etc.

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3,000? They aren't calling you for this exam (Exam 8094, NYCT Conductor). If they're calling you, it's probably for SIR since that list wasn't that big. Maybe a hundred or so people, so you wouldnt have a 3,000 list number for SIR.


Also, that exam you took 3 years ago is the same one we took for transit so double check that information.

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I'm curious to know is school car given in the daytime or evening time



Schoolcar (Classroom) is mostly Daytime from what i heard.


Once you start going out in the Field your time of day(night) can vary...


It helps trust me gets you used to working all kinds of hours day or night which you will be doing as Extra extra!

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