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exam # 8512

eagle eye

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(NYCT)hello i'm a newbie as well, how's everybody! Quick quest- i took the sld test and my score is in the upper 130's what are my chances?


You have Chris Frusci on here who also took that exam last year. PM him, how much seniority do you have? "Devil Bus65" is a MTA Bus Dispatcher who posts on this forum, but you took the exam for NYCTA. You have an excellent list number, hope you make it before the list expires. Would you know how many people are on the 8512 list?


I listen about an hour or two every day on my scanner to both the MTA Bus and NYCTA radio frequencies. From what I hear there is no O/T, the union for the dispatchers isn't as strong and about the pay it is about the same as a senior B/O. Plus way more responsibility. A lot of paperwork. However once you get promoted to Superintendent then the pay is much greater(100k+yr).

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