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Bus During NYC Marathon- How will they detour?

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Here is my opinion how buses will make detour on following routes.

M1 to M4: Operate on Central Park West between 110th St & 86th St Transverse Rd.

M5, M7 operate Columbus-9th & 10th-Amsterdam Avs between Broadway/65th St & 57th St, while M66/M72 will use 57th St to/from Mad-5th Avs.

M6, X1 terminates at 57th St.

M66/M72 Eastbound- Last stop 68th St-2nd Av.

M79/M86: Last stop & 1st stop: 2nd Av

M96: Use 86th St Transverse Rd. Eastbound properly use 97th St from 3rd to 2nd Avs, and terminate at 2nd Av and begin there.

M106: Same reason as M96. Properly terminate at 106th St-2nd Av.

M116: Same reason as M96. Terminate at 116th St-2nd Av.

M101 will operate CPW-Frederick Douglass bet. 125th & 86th Sts.

M15 Northbound, local bypassing 55th St and operate 3rd Av from 57th to 127th/128th Sts.

M57 terminate at Sutton Pl- M31 stop.

How will M31 will end on York Av? Can bus make turn on East End Av-90th St area?

How will M60 will make detour? Will eastbound use 145th St-149th Sts thru Bronx to RFK?

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