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Mutant roll sign?

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I saw a side destination roll sign for R-27-30 cars, dated 1984. It had the following destinations [twice each, one for inside and one for outside; borough is on second line where space was available]. But I realized something was odd -- it seems to have only Southern terminals; none for the northern terminals --


Smith - 9th Sts


Rockaway Pk

Far Rockaway - Mott Av

Lefferts Bl

Aqueduct Racetrack

Euclid Av

Broadway - E NY

Church St - World Trade Center

2 Av

W 4 St

Church Av

47-50 Sts/Ave Americas

Prospect Pk

Rockaway Pkwy

Atlantic Av

Myrtle Av

Eastern Pkwy - Bwy Jc

Whitehall St - S Ferry

Stillwell Av - Coney Island

Brighton Bch

Kings Hwy

Bay Pkwy

36 St

95 St

Broad St

Canal St


Not in Service


Is there an explanation for this, or was it just an oddity, a production mistake, which likely never made it into service??



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Ok, if you're telling me it is the side sign, did you scroll through the top? It is 3 rows in this order:


North Terminal

South Terminal



It seems to me that you only looked at the South Terminal roll only, meaning that you did not look at the North Terminal roll.

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