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My latest take on the R179

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The R179 is a New York City Subway car which has not been built or even fully designed at the time of this posting, and so this is my take on what I hope they will look like. The cars are in permanently married 4-car "ABBA" sets. "ABBA" denotes the configuration of the cars, indicating that there is one "A" car or cab car on each end of the set, with two "B" cars or cabless cars in between. Cars are stainless steel with a blue metal stripe running the length of the car to denote MTA ownership. All cars feature reduced-bucket seats similar to those on the R110B, done in dark blue, with extensive wood paneling on the inside.

Lighting on the inside is NTT-style, and the cars are equipped with R160-style interior announcement displays and FINDs. All electronic displays include tricolor LEDs capable of displaying up to 255 colors, and the color used on the front, side, and interior announcement signs is the color of the line on the official MTA subway map. B cars seat 82 people and measure 75' from back wall to back wall, 75' 8" over the overhangs. A cars seat 78, measure 75' 1.5" from back wall to back wall, 75' 9.5" over the overhangs, and have full-width cabs with nonpolarized railfan windows.

The A car cabs, located on the #1 end of the A car, are similar to those of the R110A in controller design. Control is single-handle, with eight brake and six power notches and a maximum acceleration of 4.2 m/s/s. Much of the passenger interface technology is controlled via a 9-inch by 9-inch touch screen, and indicator lights note position of the doors. Cabs are mirrored, with two identical consoles available for use. It is possible during training periods to put a TSS or experienced operator in the cab while a student operates and simply have the experienced operator override the other console if a problem should come up. Propulsion is R160B-style Siemens motors, with a maximum speed of 75 mph. Below are some photos(Note: all photos are of the A car. However, the only difference between the A car and the B car is that one of the ends of the A car has a cab while both ends of the B car are identical to the #2 end of the A car).






















I am currently working on an SIR version of these cars with soft, suburban-style seating in addition to my own MNRR/LIRR railcar design. Comment please!

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pretty cool.It`s remeniscent of the R44 with the wood grain wall and glass door partition.A few cool additions would be....


White Ivory walls


Black floors


Ceiling spot lights over the door entry


Indirect lighting


interactive subway maps/touch screen display with real time updates and info


And if this model is 75 feet,the rear doors would have to be locked.The front display is goo,but it can besmaller similar to the PA-5,small but big enough to fit the route designation and abriviated destination.

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