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Computer Discussion


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Basically a thread to discuss computers, and for people to get help if they need it.

Is it ok to have one of these? :P


Well, to start....


Ok all you tech savvy peoples, for 5 points, tell me what's wrong with this:




Remember, 5 points to the winner :P

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I dont get this game.. I'm into tech but the topic i dont get..

It could be the GMA card or your PC is low on Display ram or even bad screen connection..


No, it's not a game.

You can call this a random Computer discussion thread :)

Basically you say what you want about computers (ask questions too.)

I started it off with a game :o


Oh, and it was an NVidia 8600M GS (the failure-prone card).

That white box on the screen is the mouse cursor :P

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My computer (very first-ever) is a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5919 with 15.4 inch Diagonal Widescreen with Trubrite display. So far, it's much nicer than the Mobile Web on my cellular telephone.


Does it come with Multi-Touch?

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I'm not sure, You touch a rectangular area below the space key and that is the mouse.


Oh Touchpad. Multi-touch is when you touch the screen, many new computers have that for Windows 7. Even Apples Iphone and Microsoft Windows Mobile/Phone has it. Tho the proper hardware is needed for it.

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I'm struck down the middle. Laptops are useful for portability. Sure they aren't that fast, but that's a compromise you have to take. Desktops are good since they can be left on all the time and used as a server.


Laptops are fast. Mine gets a 5.2 on the Windows Experience Index :P

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My laptop has Vista, and it takes like 90 seconds to open a program like Mozilla Firefox.:eek::eek::eek:




What are you using, an IntHell Celeron?

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