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Brighton Line (B),(Q) and a bonus.

Queens Surface

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Went out fanning yesterday with SevenEleven, R160B8713 and some other guy. Here are the photo:


R160B 9823 on the (F)



R68A 5116 on the (:)



R160B 8985 on the (Q)



R160B 9008 on the (Q)



R160A 9162 on the (Q)



And here is the bonus:





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great photos. Did 9162 get transfered back to Coney Island?


Thanks and yeah it's transferred.


Wonderful pics!




What do you mean some other guy!? :mad: that was me railfannin with you guys!



Anyway nice pictures.


LOL Thanks


Nice pics! I don't remember seeing 9162 though.


Yeah it was in that set with the other 91xx cars.

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His transit vest.


That is correct, contractors have special vests that they have to wear at all time while working. Even though he is on a track that is OOS and behind a barrier, he should have one on.

Any way, great photo, I love the rusted over rail that goes under the platform.

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Beautiful scenery.




This is true (K)illa ©am dude (V)ery vivid (V)ery ©risp (N)ice pics

BDWY Junction LOL that other guy lol




Good shots, I wish my classes ended early so I would've joined you guys!




Slammin pics!



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