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Generic "Hai, I'm new here" thread

IRT Bronx Express

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I've returned after leaving for a very long time and with only one post due to personal issues, though it pretty much faded around March. I attend Lehman High School in the Bronx and I'm a senior (thank god for that).


Dream: Though its unlikely to happen, I want to see a lot of old bus maps of New York City. Technically, I've already seen how it looked like before the new design (currently seen today) took over.



  1. A lot of bus schedule brochures from many BX buses and a few Q buses dating back from 2006 up to today.
  2. A lot of BX maps (12/2002 - July "2008"), some M/Q maps and a few SI/BK maps.
  3. Some random bus/transit brochures. Too lazy to describe them.
  4. Student Metrocards (my own lol), and the regular ones.
  5. Subway maps dating from June 2002to July 09. I stupidly damaged the 1998-early 2002 maps. :cry:


Why do I collect these? To recognize their history as much as I can. :cool:

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