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NYCT Awards by Straps News Press


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Straphanger Campaign News Press for Awards for M42, M4, B44.




Among longest route, M4 is winner of Trekki for takes forever.



B44 wins c.




M42: 3.7mph lilsnail.jpg

M27: 3.8mph

M23: 4.0mph

M66: 4.2mph

M50: 4.4mph

M14A: 4.5mph

M14D/M34: 4.7mph

Bx19: 4.9mph

B63: 5.1mph

M96: 5.3mph

M86: 5.4mph

Bx35/LTD: 5.5mph

B52: 5.6mph

M72: 5.9mph

Q56: 6.3mph

Q24: 6.6mph

Q58: 6.9mph

Bx13: 8.7mph

S42: 10.6mph

S61: 11.4mph

S60: 13.7mph


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