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Whats the latest on the PA-5?

R68 Subway Car

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Right now they can be found on any line at any time, as more cars are delivered they are putting trains together, checking them out in the yard and overnight, then putting them into service. I suggest trying to find a 33rd-jsq train if you can they tend to be less crowded.


- A

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they have at least 28 cars (four full trains) on property, with at least one set still testing, and maybe half a set testing and waiting for the remaining cars to complete the fifth set. there are also a bunch of undelivered cars sitting at kawasaki plant in yonkers.


during rush hours, i think they run two sets at most, with one on the 33rd street line and the other on the wtc line. can't say too much about weekends, but you'd be extremely lucky to catch one in service on the weekends at this point. this (weekend PA-5 service) may become more common starting next year as more cars stream in.

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