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Could they do it?


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Retractable bottom contact shoe + pantograph. You could do it, as long as you didn't have to switch it on the fly. Run trains from NYP up the new haven line, terminate where the 3rd rail ends, park the pantograph, deploy the shoes, run to GCT would work.


Anything more and i think you're asking too much, last thing i wanna see is some tap-dancing train doing 90 and stuff flapping out all over, like a cosmo but its pantograph flying up to the non existent wire, or the 3rd rail shoe opening as it enters NYP tearing up the top contact rail. Just do it at end points. Make it so you only have one system deployed at a time or the train doesn't move.


Dual shoe types wouldn't work because of the way the shoes mount on the trucks.


- A

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