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What's your favorite station.. and WHY?


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I think mine is honestly the 34th. St/6th Avenue Station ((B)(D)(F)(V)(N)(Q)(R)(W)).. mainly due to the fact that I used to have to go shopping with my mom as a kid at what was then called the "A&S Plaza" shopping mall.


There's an entrance to the subway station in the basement of the mall, so I always used to be thrilled when we entered the station because that meant that the boring shopping trip was over. :P


Plus, I like the purple beams in that station for some reason.


Anyways, post your stories!

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My favorites are


1) Smith-9th Street(F)(G) (The highest station in the system)


2)Stillwell Avenue Coney Island (:P(D)(F)(N)


3)Roosevelt avenue jackson heights (E)(F)(G)(R)(7)


4)Main Street Flushing(7) My Favorite neighborhood


u like the back in the days service, lol.


i like these stations too.

plus 9th Ave on the (D)(M), Parkside Av on the (B)(Q).

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Main Street-Flushing (7) Just because it's my home station, and the fact that it has two entrances!


74th Street-Jackson Heights (7)(E)(F)(G)(R)(V) One of my main transfer points on a subway trip, plus it's very large and looks beautiful!


Queensboro Plaza (7)(N) I like this station, I like the fact that it's the only station that has an A Division/B Division mix!


Jamaica Center (E)(J)(Z) My favorite line makes its first and last stop here, plus it's also a place I come to alot!

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How many FAVORITES topics are there going to be? People have now been spamming the forum with Favorites. No offense but its true! Plus there something similar to this topic here:



Yes its Entrances , but sounds more like the Best Stations..


But i copied and past mine:



(2)(5)<5>- Gun Hill Road, East 180th, Pelham Parkway[Dyre Branch], West Farms SQ., Mott Avenue


(4)(:P(D)- 161st Street


(1)- 225th St Marble Hill ( A view of the Bridge and MNCRR Hudson :cool: ], South Ferry old and new


(1)(2)(3)(7)(A)(C)(E)(N)(Q)(R)(W)(S)- Times Sq-42nd St/PABT


(1)- 59th St[Exit on Broadway next to the big globe!


(4)(5)(6)(7)(S)- 42nd St Grand Central


(1)(2)(3)- 34th St


(4)(5)(6)(J)(M)(Z)- Chamber st

(D)(F)(N)(Q)- Stillwell Avenue

(Q)- Ocean Pkway

(L)(M)- Myrtle-Wyckoff

(E)(J)(Z)- Archer Ave/JFK

(A) Howard Beach

(7)<7> Main Street, Junction Blvd, 74th St, 61st woodside

(F) 57th St.

71st Ave- QBL

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i like the stations that you can do something without going outside, like the original poster with the Manhattan Mall. others are 34th St. Penn Station (1)(2)(3)(A)(C)(E), you could go upstairs and see the circus, the Knicks, a concert, all that good stuff. 47-50th St (;)(D)(F)(V), you could go upstairs and see an episode of Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. i love the lighting on the 33rd and Park (6) station for some reason. and you can see the express (4)(5) fly by, unlike most of the Lexington line

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