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Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

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1 hour ago, R10 2952 said:

Here's a very off-topic, very random thought.  What was the deal with the NYPD using station wagons back in the day? Growing up, I remember seeing Chevrolet Caprice station wagons (not just the sedan) being used as cop cars- the '90s Caprice and a few '80s ones that were still on the road.  Never made sense to me; the vans I could understand, those were for transporting larger amounts of equipment or personnel, but the station wagons? That was just an odd choice.

I doubt it's any stranger than the Crown Victoria's stint with the NYPD.

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1 hour ago, Lex said:

I doubt it's any stranger than the Crown Victoria's stint with the NYPD.

I didn't mean the model itself (Caprice), I meant the body style; station wagon as opposed to sedan seems rather unusual for a cop car.  In the context of those times, this was back when anything like an SUV as a city police vehicle was almost unheard of.

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