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Some Grand Ave Pics

Fresh Pond

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Ok here's the story...earlier today I thought I had a doctor's appointment earlier today cuz I fractured my thumb yesterday (my camera thumb lol). But when I got there, they told me that the hand clinic was closed and I gotta wait until next thursday. When I left it was like 9 in the morning and I had about 5 hours to kill so I decided to go 2 Grand to see the DesignLine there. It was a big dissapointment cuz it wasn't there but I did manage to get this instead...Exclusive Grand Ave NGs. Enjoy...















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Well count me in as another member of the "I've never seen Grand Av Depot before" crew! That was way cool right there. It's so odd seeing 4516 as an NG cause I remember when that was an RTS. Awesome stuff! :tup:

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As for the NGs there, that depot is next for them. So far they only have 3 of them (4515, 4516, & 4518)

Nice pics! Grand Ave. looks different since it's one of the newest depots built. Also, GA has 6 NG's (4513, 4515-4519) and they most likely have 4514 too.

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