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X80 and X81 out of LGA depot?


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I believe they are the shuttle express buses for special events on Randalls Island.


That is correct, the x80 is from Randalls Island to 125th Street in Harlem, making stops at the MNRR & the 4/5/6 station. The x80 used to be out of 126th street depot with artics (which makes more sense instead of having to be all up in Queens for a Manhattan based route)


The x81 I am not sure of.

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^^ Nice !!!


What are the X80 and X81 and where does it go?

KR3099 & Cait Sith helped you out on the x80....



as for the x81...

(Out of the 80 & the 81, I only been on the 81.)


It goes from Woodside/61st (current Q53 terminal to be exact) to Randall's Island....

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