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Look what I found !


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Nice! Why was there an R142A on the 5?

When they do the 5 terminating at 149th General Order the 5 can't get to its home yard which is Unionport/East 180th Yard. So they have to take a few sets from the (4) to keep the (5)'s headways good. Or at least that's how I think it goes lol.

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AT least the MTA gets money from the so-called "corporate grafitti". I think individuals should be able to "grafitti" cars as well as long as they pay to do so and as long as certain guidelines are followed.


Only if the cars are out of service [never to be used for passenger service again]. I don't want to see 'tags' on the trains. The 80s were horrible with vandals going out of control. I don't think it should be encouraged.

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