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Stopped from taking photos at NYIT of fall foliage


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New York Institute of technology is a private, independent college so maybe that that has something to do with the way they run their campuses.


Their website's Security page says "The Office Of Campus Security is responsible for the safety and security of students, staff and faculty members, and property." That's a large responsibility.


Maybe you should've contacted their Office Of Communications And Marketing for authorization to access their campus since you're not a student and have a camera. (Media Page)

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I was trying to spend a relaxing day on the beautiful NYIT Campus in Old Westbury, where there are still some colorful leaves on the trees. Until some security guard told me I had to leave for taking photos. It may sound unbelievable, but you will believe after watching this video.



OMG I know that guy, I used to go to school there and worked in the bookstore. Hes not a bad guy once you get to know him, but yea if youre not a student there you aren't supposed to be there. If you were you shoulda said it was for a school project.

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Sounds like those folks are too paranoid.


Sorta like cops in my town, if a call comes in 87y6793179783104 cars show up, they stand around looking official, and all the call was is an old lady dropped her keys down a bone dry 2 foot deep storm grate or some such. Can't even park in a parking lot in the middle of the night without being "what are you doing here". What ever happened to observation & police work & not intrusive interaction? In fact i think a lot of the time the officers involved don't even want to bother because they KNOW there's nothing bad or unusual going on, but it's their job to listen to those above them etc, the system is flawed but it's all we have for now.


I will shake the hand of any armed forces serviceperson in uniform & thank them for serving, but i will not talk to a cop unless i have to, because it's their job really to be concerned and worried, and i'm not about to get into a debate with someone who may have radically different views than my own that can arrest me & has a gun.


- A

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