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Science Fiction

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If you like and enjoy science fiction, maybe you've heard of some of my favorite titles:



*"Fantastic Voyage" Dr. Isaac Asimov

*"Farenheit 451" Mr. Ray Bradbury

*"The Illustrated Man" Mr. Ray Bradbury

*"The Martian Chronicles" Mr. Ray Bradbury

*"2001: A Space Odyssey" Mr. Arthur C. Clarke

*"The Man In The High Castle" Mr. Philip K. Dick

*Outland" Mr. Alan Dean Foster

*"The Door Into Summer" Mr. Robert Heinlein

*"Dune" Mr. Frank Herbert

*"Star Wars" Mr. George Lucas

*"Ringworld" Mr. Larry Niven

*"The World Inside" Mr. Robert Silverberg

*"City" Mr. Cifford D. Simak

*"From The Earth To The Moon" Mr. Jules Verne

*"The First Men In The Moon" Mr. H.G. Wells

*"The Island Of Doctor Moreau" Mr. H.G. Wells

*"The Time Machine" Mr. H.G. Wells

*"The War Of The Worlds" Mr. H.G. Wells


Song, Movies, T.V. Shows:

*"In The Year 2525 (Exordius And Terminus)" Zager And Evans

*"Fantastic Voyage"

*"2001: A Space Odyssey"



*"Star Wars" (Original 1977)

*"The War Of The Worlds"

*"When Worlds Collide"



*"Buck Rogers In The Twenty-Fifth Century"

*"My Favorite Martian"

*"Star Trek" (The Original Series; a little of the series with Mr. Patrick Stewart)


And maybe you have some favorite titles of your own. Let's share and discuss in this thread.

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Today at Borders, I found a Mr. H.G. Wells Five Great Science Fiction Novels Set by Dover Thrift Editions for $10.


Decorated Cardboard Slipcase with

"The First Men In The Moon" (1901)

"The War Of The Worlds" (1898)

"The Island Of Dr. Moreau" (1896)

"The Time Machine" (1895)

"The Invisible Man" (1897) (The first time I'm reading this story)


Another Science Fiction movie I like is:


"Logan's Run" (1976) Set in the 23d Century, there was only one side effect - thirty was the oldest anyone could live.

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