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Hello to all....


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New member and I just received a "considered for probable permanent appointment as a track worker letter. Whats next?


Well welcome to the forums queen19 hope you enjoy your stay here. And now that you have your appointment letter you just follow the instructions. Which should tell you to show up at 180 Livingston street @7am sometime very soon. Bring two pieces of picture ID, birth certificate, social security card, and your high school diploma. Be prepared for a long day as you will be waiting with at least 100 other people to turn in paperwork and to take the medical/drug test. After that they will want you to give them a reliable telephone number because they will not contact you via mail anymore. Also they will give you the infamous 25 page application you have to have completely filled and brought back with you on your second trip to 180 livingston st. Also you will have to have the last 10 years of your work history verified, you can get this info from the social security office if you can't remember everything, and every school you have attended in your life. If everything goes well and checks out you will be sworn in and given your bible (AKA The Rule Book) and have your photo taken for your pass and be finger printed, which cost you $100. Don't worry they don't charge you up front, they take it out of your first check.. It's a long process so be ready to spend at least 4-6 hours each trip down there. I hope that answers your question.

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