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Hey Guys!


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Just wanted to say Hello!


I'm new on the scene, though not new to railfanning, trains, and train sims. I'm starting a site, a train hub I should say, so you guys come check it out...join the team. It's called TrainZone.net.


I'm not sure if you guys play Microsoft Train Simulator, but I just made this repaint, an R-29 MOW, what'cha think?...




Ok guys, see you in the forum!

Cion Jones


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Is that Cion my man? Its me Zach! Welcome aboard! :cool::tup: Love the IRT MOW Car..


What's up brother! I have a lot of things planned. I'm going to be here a lot letting everyone know. Zach, my site fully opens Dec 25th, come check it out!

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The repaint looks 3D, well done!


And welcome to this forum! If you need LCD/LED signs, ask me and I'll be glad to make you one. ;)


Great! Thanks by the way. If you want to host your work, I have a great site opening up Dec. 25th called TrainZone.net - I'm looking for staff and material right now.

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Welcome! ;)

Awesome work on the R29, I used to play MSTS for the sake of Acela, but quit after a while and gave up to Trainz. And I don't even do that anymore.


Cheers man.


Thanks! I played the other sims, and they all have their good and bad, however MSTS is the realest experience you can get IMO, and if these modelers allow me to do work on their trains I'm going to bring a lot of Amtrak, Subway, LIRR, Metro-North, and NJT repaints. I'm learning 3d canvas, so within a year, I'll hopefully be producing my own great engines and rolling stock.

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