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Cait Sith

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I can see the difference with the LEDs, the font is different than what's normally used. Even some RTSs have them.


Great catch!




(D)edicated would be the word great stuff

(2)pick tells me how this bus would look if it was I said If it was an (A)rtic


Whenever there is a bus or train with a change, i'll be able to find it :cool::tup:


I missed the ultimate opportunity when the operator put that bus up as the M1, I was so mad!


Great shots, I was really surprised to see that seating layout when I caught that bus on sunday. I do like foward facing seats but I don't think they will do too well with crowds.


I agree as well, I liked the seating arrangement on 1302 more than on 1303/04. That arrangement would handle the crowds better


Nice photos and video of (MTA) Bus 1304, ;)!




(H)ow many buses are they getting?:confused:


8 buses for the pilot, 90 in total if all goes well.

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