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Whats on the "Waiting List" @ Coney Island?


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Whats currently sitting on the Coney Island museum tracks right now that is waiting to be restored?


Speaking of that, did RPCX even start work on those R1-9 series yet?

whats "New" to the museum track?

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The groups that owns those cars is RPC and nothing is rusting away down there

my bad their reporting marks are not RPSX. Its RPCX ( I think)


They r not rusting away, another mistake.

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Reporting marks are a railroad letter designation. For example-

Norfolk Southern,



Staten island railway



I've seen some of those lists of reporting marks before, but the abbreviations seem to vary. SIR could also be SIRT and Metro North I've seen as M-N, MNRR, MNCRR. Long Island as LI, LIRR, and there's another one for New York & Atlantic. The others are railroads from all over the country so I'm not familiar with any of those.

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