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Hi. Greetings from Northern Kentucky.

I have been involved with forums and sites for other subway and train systems.


That would include the London Underground/Overground aned various British Railways. (I lived in England as a child).


Also, anything to do with the Madrid Metro. (Lived there as a teenager and did a lot of riding of the Metro.)


And most recently the Paris Metro. (Never lived there - but have seen some Driver's Eye Views [from Video125] of lines 5 and 6.)


I have also loved the NYC Subway. First visited NY in 1964. Went many times in the '80s and '90s for business and rode the subways to and from downtown and midtown. Also took the old JFK Express on a number of occasions. I have a number of old and new maps and two editions of Peter Dougherty's Track Maps. Some time ago, I did run some Bahn simulations.


For my home area, they attempted to build a subway just over the river where I work in Cincinnati, OH back in the '30s. They got a lot of the downtown tunnels and urban right-of-ways built but then cancelled the project. It then took the city until the '60s to pay off the loans with nothing to show for it!


That's it for now. Thanks for having me.

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