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What's wrong with this bus route map?


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Brooklyn-Bound Route seems to be having a wrong routing in the Bay Ridge Section, the bus should use 92nd St. and 4th. Ave. not 86th St. (which is Staten Island Bound only).


You...are...CORRECT!!! Heading to Brooklyn, the route map should be showing the post-September bus routing, which would be along 92nd Street followed by Fourth Avenue. Instead, it shows the route along Fort Hamilton Parkway and 86th Street.


Thanks for playing! Your reward will come later. :D

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My guess would have been the travel time.... 70 minutes; pfft, maybe during off peak hrs... otherwise, it's about 90 minutes going end-to-end on that route... including the 2 stops inside the mall...


dude that mentioned the B37 not stopping @ 4th, as it shows on that map, is the real "mistake"...


but yeh, the s79 now remains on 92nd up until 4th, and terminates w/ the B64... that's a fairly recent routing change... with that in mind, do you know/realize how often they update/change those bus route maps @ the bus stops, though... at every stop along the route, nonetheless?



In any event, I'd like to know the genius that has the B64 stopping w/ the B16 on the NW corner of 86th/4th (on 86th st).... only the B16 stops there....

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