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Animated Luminator Bus Signs

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Thanks! I have a problem, though. I want to use it for my sig, and the image is too big. Can you make it smaller so the animation will work?


I'll give it a shot in the future. Thanks for the heads-up. :(


In other words, I've completed two new flipdots.


The M21 Bellevue-bound:



The M10 Midtown-bound:



More to come. ;)

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Can u make 1 that says 107L New York
Request denied this time, sorry.


Anyway, I've made two new signs, but this time decided to focus on MTA Bus again. Particularly the BxM routes where you don't see flipdot signs unless someone decides to toy with the express bus codes. B)


The two signs are as follows:


The BxM3 Yonkers-bound flipdot:



The BxM18 Downtown Manhattan-bound flipdot:



Enjoy! B)

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Okay, we're now back into scroll-signing with the flipdots. The rust has finally gone...or what's most of it. B) This one's for RokuSix.




Amazing keep up the good work :tup: :rock::drool:

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HI i was wondering if you could do a OC Transpo destination sign for me?





* and then just the downtown part flash to centre-ville *






Heres a picture of what the french version looks like



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Hello again! No route-specific sign tonight, but a request that was asked a while ago. I held it off, but decided it was time to do it.


So, Cait Sith, for your YouTube account, here it is!




Hope you like it! ^^


One tiny change if possible, can you rotate the arrow facing the right side so it can correspond with the new Youtube Video Layout since the subscribe button is now to the right side and the banners are to the left of the button please? :)

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