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iCarly video game & a lucky R46 F train catch all in one day!


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So I went video game shopping with my mom and my good friend. We went to Jamaica Center and the ride there was cool. We took a R46 (G) train from 7th ave to Court Sq. Then we got on on a R160B (E) train to the center. When we got there , we enterd game stop to get our games. I got a iCarly game for the DS. My friend got NBA live 2010 , MLB 2010 , and PGA golf tour for the xbox360. My mom got the iCarly video game for the xbox360. When we left , we had a lot of time to kill , so we just took a ride on a few queens buses. Like the Q44 , Q4 , Q85 , Q84 and Q17. We took the Q17 to the 169th street subway station for the (F) train. We almost got stuck with that darn R160 (F) again! Luckliy , My freind had to tie his shoe and that caused us to miss it. Then the Awesome R46 (F) train saved the day. I conisder it a lucky catch due to all those evil R160s out there on the (F). Anyway , we just took it home. I would have taken pics of the entire trip , but there were too many people on the train on our way there , so here are the pics I do have....


R46 F #5739




















That's it. ENJOY

(F)train(F)an. :D

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lmao! Also the pics are blurry and this would probably be more suited for the o/t forum since there's only two pics about only the R46. And lastly, all you have is a number and the floor, it doesn't really show that it is an F train.

Just nitpicking*, not attacking.


*as in stuff you could improve on next time.

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Some kid cousins of mine actually watch that show, so I watched it with them yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner. All I can say is Kids' TV has changed since I was that age...
LOL, I can't even lie, I watch iCarly. That girl Sam is a G lol.


Nice catch. :tup:

I remember watching that show ONCE when it first came out when I was 12. Ugh...that Sam person was one of the most annoying people on the show...

I always thought R46 (F) trains were common, do they have more R160s on there now?

R160s:R46s is a 2:1 ratio. ~30 R160s on the (F) while theres ~15 R46s. (I'm rounding these numbers off)

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At least with the M7 there is a reason to hate them:

Narrow seats, armrests tearing pants pockets, oversized ada bathroom in the middle of the train vs. towards the back. Aside that it probably runs better than the M1/3 during the winter, there's not much going for the M7. imo.

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]Unforunately' date=' some people insist on hating the R160 and finding anyway to attack them[/b']. Alot like the LIRR M7s.


Which is beyond stupid in my opinion.


Though, I dont hate the R160s, I just dont like the fact that so many are on the (F) line now, my home line! I like the R46s for their interiors, very comfy & available seats at times during rush hour. The R160s, you better hope there's a seat!


But hey, as long as they get me from Point A to Point B, bring them on!

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I don't have a problem with the R160s at all. It's just with over 1,300 cars in service, you don't really have the subway car diversity in style. It would have been better to have the seats in each car a different color like in the R110A. Or have about half the R160 fleet have the R110B front which is pretty hot.

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