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As December Comes In, Along Comes Some Snow

Sea Beach

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R38 (A)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*foams over large bath tub*


lol see i have a place to safely get rid of my foam.


*Develops a phobia of bath tubs from this point on* :P

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Man I can't wait to take nice snowy pixs of my Line in HD! Even Video :)

Catch a redbird! And even take pixs of other Non-Transit pixs =)!




Really? Isn't it too soon to tell?




true that go to Weather.com and it will tell you the forcast of the next month(All of it). Like way to early!

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Um, hello? Some of us didn't go buy sexy new boots for the winter! It can't snow yet...


(Please don't take this post seriously.)


*Will proceed and take this post very seriously.* :)

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(A)ll this talk about (S)now is getting me hyped ,Like (M)ark and who ever loves the snow ,(J)ust bring it:tup:


hell yeah time for some snow flght. I mean Snow Metro North and Amtrak :)



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:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: on snow

:tup: :tup: :tup: on 100' days and palm trees

Come to Arizona for 100-110 degree days in July and August! :) As a bonus, you'll receive 80-90 degree mornings free of charge.


I do have to admit it's neat when you see the moon during the day. :tup:

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Rain or snow, here's some photos to get you all ready for wintery weather!




















"Strap on those booties, it's COLD out there today! It's cold out there every day!"


- A

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Wow I thought Me Mark and vinny was hyped but you buddy had A <R>edbull ,I'm charlie brown and I approve (M)etsfan's choo choo madness:tup::tup: very nice (A)ndy (V)ery Polar Exp buddy (T)ickets,(T)ickets




Im Mr Meterologist And I approve weather wrong :):P

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