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What were the car numbers of the green R10s?

R10 2952

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I know that 110 R10s were refurbished and repainted in the 1980s, but I've never been able to find out the numbers of all 110 of them. Also, on a side note, why is it that between 1984-1989, there were many R10 cars running that hadn't been fixed up at all?

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First R10 batch numbereed 2950-99 (originally 1803-1852)


Then, the second batch of R10s: 3000-3349 (3348/49 FYI were recycled recently for an eve/odd R32 pair which lost their mates to total collisions.


So there were actually 400, but only half of them were still in service prior to their late October 1989 retirement

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