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What is going on???!!!

Kingsbridge Bus

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Theres no RTSs in service at West Farms as of Oct 2009, Last route must of been the Bx36LTD. The last RTS i saw was 8787 as Training Bus in Nov. All RTSs were replaced by Orion V CNG From CP i think. Which sucks! Man do i miss em here ;) ! I hope they return to the bronx!


Tho was this RTS in service or as Traning?


Also there is no such thing as "BAN", they were just transfered to other depots..


Banned? Most certainly not! There's plenty in Eastchester and that's still the Bronx.


I've seen a few RTS buses creeping around the Bronx that aren't in service. Never say never!




those would be retired? I dont think those are in service since ECH runs MCIs and O-V CNGs

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