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The Great Grosstown Race

Fresh Pond

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Ok this one is gonna make you laugh. I was on the M16 comming from my job and I got off at Park Av S. to take the train. But there was a M34 directly in front of us so I came up with this crazy idea...a race from Park Av to Macy's on 6 Av. It was me vs. the M16 vs. the M34. In the end, I won (I was on foot lol) followed by the M34 and the M16 pulling up dead last. Here are shots of the losers lol. Enjoy...





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Haha I bet it was a bunch of traffic?


Did it twice, first on the Bx19 crossing the 145th St bridge and i beat 3 Bx19 buses, while taking pixs of the same ones walking by, ended it at Bradhurst Ave with 2 and 1 at St. Nicholas. Bus operators were like wtf?


2nd time at 125th St from Amserdam Avenue to Lexington Ave with the M100 and Bx15 bus :P Tho traffic again.. Was walking of course for both


These were in Oct 2009..Love doing it sometimes..


Good pixs btw


BTW you mean Crosstown Pixs not Grosstown pixs in title?

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