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The R32 Brightliners

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There ok, I only like then because they are the only "classic" NYC subway car left. I won't mind when they are gone though as I like the actual system more then I like the rolling stock (recent rollingstock) and I still get to work with some of the classic cars Low-Vs, Arnines, and Rebirds. I have ridden them on the (A)(C)(;)(E)(F)(N)(R)(V) lines.

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Ive ridden R32's on the (A)(:P©(D)*(E)(F)(G)(N)(Q6)(Q)<Q>(R)(S)(V)(W) lines.


*G.O. Splitting the (D) in two Sections:

1. 205 St and Broadway-Lafayette St via the (A)(C) line

2. Broadway-Lafayette St and Coney Island.


One time thing, never happened again.


when did they use R32s on the <Q> Express and (S) lines?

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