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Cars on Willy B walkway

Eric B

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Just a while ago, on my last trip on the (M), I see flashing police lights up ahead on the northern side (Manhattan bound) roadway, but when I get closer to it, I see they are not coming from the roadway, below, but the police car is on the walkway, above the roadway! It was moving slowly, towards Brooklyn. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I was working.


I know the Queensboro bridge walkways can be converted to car traffic, but I never knew the Willy B walkway was accessible. I didn't even know that walkway could hold car weight. (Watched when they constructed it, and it looks lightly constructed).

There were still cyclists and pedestrians on that path. If they try to go down the rapm tot he street, it would be pretty tight with the other people passing by, unless they were closing it and turning people back.


So now I wonder if the Manhattan can take cars as well. I thought I remembered the stone barriers on the ends, but I'm not sure.

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Maybe the police car was securing the walk way? But stil, its a stupid thing to put a police car in a walk thru. Even parks are like that..


If you mean what Yuki saw:

I don't think he wrote it clearly enough. The car and ambulance probably had to drive on the sidewalk to then get to the road in the center. As I said it is gated off on both ends, so no car can drive thru. I highly doubt it was driving up the sidewalk the entire way.

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Well Yuki was, but it's hard to understand what he's trying to say.

And I've lived in that area for at least 15 years, those gates have NEVER been opened once! These are not the typical NYPD moveable barriers, these gates are locked up with padlocks. And there also hard concrete 'polls' next to them. So the road is pretty much locked.

The only way around the gates would be to drive on the sidewalk to then get to the road.

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