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The Siemens R160


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I finally got to ride the Siemens R160 and man is it nice. I get off on 34 street and on the opposite track theres another Siemens set. Then I seen another Siemens set later on in the day.


Are all the Siemen sets being pushed onto the (N) now?

i think so. i was lucky enough to ride the Newest Siemens Set available #8902 on the N line today.

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There are a good 4 sets out there at least with the 5th (8903-8912 at CI) not so long from being in service and the 6th set (8913-8922 at Yonkers I believe) coming in really soon.


Sometime in summers of 2000 and 2001, I spotted neweest R142s when I rode in Hudson line trains. I remember on June 29, 2001 I spotted 7514 still in a blue shrinkwrap, and 7481 on July 29, 2001.


By the way, David Pirman used some of this data on his website.


Spoiing new trains at Yonkers is pleasant. and as I see, almost all of the Coney Island R160ies are arrived. So on one of the days all of N trains will be new. and finally we will start to see them on Q.


Good Job, Pablo!

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I doubt that'll be the case. The first R160 (Q) might just be one of the Siemens R160s but once the (Q) gets quite a few sets then the older sets will start showing up on the line.


If what you posted in an previous thread is true, I think the (N) will get the newer 160s and most of the older sets will get pushed onto the (Q) with some new sets. What do you guys think?


Its going to be hard to tell unless your the actual person assigning the cars out to the routes which no one here is.

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