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Late notice for a small get together tomorrow 12/28

Pablo M 201

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Ya, I know, sort of short notice. But for those who can come and want to, meet us at 14th Street/Union Square southbound (N)(Q)(R)(W) platform, south end which will be by the 10 car marker or just the stairs to the (L) at 10:30 AM. We'll be heading to Brooklyn, so for those who want to join us in Brooklyn, we'll be at Coney Island (N) platform by about 11:30 AM. We'll covering probably Sea Beach, Brighton, and West End lines, and maybe abit of Culver if there is time.


If the times are too early, then post here by tonight or tomorrow morning before 9 AM or so. Reason why the start time at 10:30 is to get an early start with shots because sunlight is usually gone by 4:30 these days.


Consider this a sort of end of winter break trip for those who return to classes next week.

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some advice to whoever that goes BUNDLE UP! lots and lots of clothes!


the Culver & West End line are FREEZING in the winter!!!


just got myself a very nasty cold after railfanning on the 22nd - wish i never went now lol


anyway to those who go, have fun!

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