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Fantasy Subway Map: Draft 1


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Here's draft 1 of my fantasy subway map. It was inspired by the grandiose plans for the second system. I have not gotten to adding route labels, some stations, nor any station names yet, but you could probably tell by the colors.


  • The (2) and the (5) have switched roles, but the 5 will remain express and between Gun Hill Road and Third Avenue.
  • The <4> is shown on this map.
  • The Second Avenue line is added. It has connections to the 63 Street, Huston Street, 6 Avenue, and Fulton Street lines.
  • The Flushing line is extended westward.
  • The 63 Street line connects to a new super express line that runs from 21 Street–Queens Bridge to Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike. The super express line has only one track. It also has a connection to the Rockaway line; where they run side-by-side the tunnel has three tracks with track connections right before two of the tracks veer off to the LIRR Rockaway branch.
  • The Rockaway line runs using the old LIRR right-of-way with stations at 63 Drive, Metropolitan Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, 101 Avenue, Aqueduct, and beyond.
  • The Hillside Avenue line is extended with extensions of the local services as well (which use the 4 relay tracks north of 179 Street).
  • The Archer Avenue line is extended. The two levels still have no connection to each other.
  • The Libery Avenue line is extended to Springfield Boulevard. Stations have yet to be determined.
  • An express track is added between Broadway Junction and Cypress Hills on the Jamaica line.
  • The Huston Street line branching off the 6 Avenue line is connected through the river to the Broadway station on the Crosstown line.
  • The Myrtle Avenue line no longer connects to the Jamaica line at grade. The tracks fly over.
  • The Fulton Street line branches off into another line running under North Conduit Avenue to 114 Street. The line is also connected to the Rockaway line.
  • The Nostrand Avenue line is extended to Avenue S. Stations have yet to be determined.
  • The Culver express makes its return. Locals terminate at Kings Highway.
  • The Sea Beach express (NX) makes its return. There are only 4 runs per day, however.



Please list suggestions! I am not entirely sure what direction to take this map.

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Wow, this is impressive! Just one question: how in the world did you manage to make a map like that from clean slate? I'd really like to have a start from somewhere like that to create my own map.

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My suggestions:

1. The (2)(5) are the way they are for a reason. Your version used to be the service pattern, but it got changed because the riders on Dyre Av wanted the Lex.

2. If I were you, I would send the Second Ave line via Woodlawn and cut back the (4). I think this would take some load of the Lexington Av line.

3. The Nostrand line should be rerouted via Flatbush Av from Brooklyn College, and extended to Kings Plaza. That place desperately lacks a subway.

4. Do something with the (NX). While it is fast, it only serves passengers at the first four stations. Otherwise, only railfans would ride it.

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Great job on the map! Best map I've seen so far.


Only nitpicks:

- you should build a bypass 'el' from Broadway Junction to Cypress hills than to build another level above the current stations b/w BJ and CH. That would avoid the slow Crescent St curves.

- extend the 2/5 lines via Flatbush av than to continue down Nostrand Av, as that way you can relieve the B41 line above for that segment.

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Thanks guys.


It'll probably take another few days to get it done as drawing these lines accurately takes a lot of effort. One problem with the official map is its general inaccuracy. The Archer extension for example, should actually appear much shorter going south, but the white line that represents Linden Boulevard is way down there so I had to stretch it out.


All of the lines were drawn from scratch with the official map (minus most of the foreground elements) as a base. Some of them were traced, but others were realigned to make room for adjacent lines or to more accurately reflect the station (e.g., the Canal Street complex). (Hint: Take Adobe Illustrator and crack open one of the PDF versions of the maps; delete whatever you don't want and draw over it. In my case, I deleted the lines as well.)


Anyway, future additions:

  • Astoria line extension (already planned)
  • Flushing line extension and spurs (already planned)
  • Will connect the Crosstown line to a new Fort Hamilton Parkway line with a spur to Staten Island. ("Fan Railer")
  • TriboroRX will be done, but I will probably only determine the route and not all of the stations in the near future. ("R32 3348")
  • If the (2) goes back to being a full-time Wihte Plains Road local, then the switches will be reworked to enable the Dyre Avenue line to connect directly to the express tracks. I really value efficiency over anything else. ("NX Express")
  • The Second Avenue line will be extended vie 3 Avenue in Bronx.
  • The Broadway line in Brooklyn running from Huston Street to Union Avenue will be extended south to meet up with the Utica Avenue stations on the Fulton Street and Eastern Parkway lines. That combined with the 2 Avenue subway in Manhattan and its 3 Avenue extension should reduce the importance of the Lexington Avenue line and cutting it short won't be necessary.
  • The Utica Avenue line will absorb riders directly east of the Nostrand Avenue line, providing relief to the (2) and (5). It will run directly to the 2 Avenue line, so it can be a drop-in replacement for those who would have otherwise taken a Lexginton Avenue express to midtown and/or Bronx.
  • I might decide to simply replace the Myrtle Avenue line with a subway connecting to the Broadway subway in Brooklyn and Rockaway line in Queens.



  • The N runs express in the Coney Island-bound direction only and only during PM rush. Crowding doesn't seem to be much of a problem during AM rush, but a few PM runs can be crush-loaded, so the express redistributes Coney Island-bound riders.
  • The express run from Broadway Junction to Cypress Hills is already on a flyover track that bypasses the slow curves. Accurate representation of the physical structures of each line has been eschewed for brevity.
  • The Crosstown line's Bedford–Nostrand Avenues station has provisions for a northeast spur. I'm not sure if it would be useful to connect another line to it or what it could possibly connect to.


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It makes more sense to just extend the (N)/(W) to LGA because the subway has higher capacity and it would be a $2.25 ride compared to $5 with the Airtrain. If the el were to have a problem with NIMBYs (which shouldn't be a major factor considering this is a FANTASY map) then it could just be build underground.

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Here's draft 2:



  • The 2 Avenue line is extended to the Bronx via 3 Avenue with a track connection to the Grand Concourse line.
  • The Grand Concourse line is extended east with a track connection to the 3 Avenue line.
  • The (2) and (5) are reversed again. <5> trains running the entire length of the White Plains Road line are express between 3 Avenue and Gun Hill Road. (5) trains between 3 Avenue and Dyre Avenue run local.
  • A new line connecting Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn is added.
  • The Flushing line is extended with two branches.
  • The Astoria line is extended with 4 tracks from Ditmars Boulevard to Parsons Boulevard.
  • There is no local Broadway service on the Queens Boulevard line.
  • The (F) runs on the Queens Boulevard superexpress during rush hours.
  • The (X) skips 3 stops along the portion shared with the (L).
  • A line runs from Broadway–Union Avenue to Avenue U via Stuyvesant Avenue and Utica Avenue.


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If you're doing so many costly extensions (no that's not a bad thing) do something with Staten Island!:mad: It looks so lonely, LOL:(

Any ideas for Staten Island? That's one lonely place since I don't know anyone from there nor have I set foot in it. All I know is that the garbage is (or used to be) dumped there.

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