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To Roosevelt Field Mall & Back...

Cait Sith

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Went with my dad to the mall and got a pretty good set of buses to ride on. Pictures arent all that great...The driver we had on Orion V CNG 1604 was hauling some serious @$$!

















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Wonderful shots and vids!


Thank you sir!

(N)22a (N)43 I've never seen those lines before ,(V)ery nice Island coverage


Really? Then we gotta fan the island, but I know you hate CNGs.


Excellent Pixs!


Excellent pics and vids!


great pics and videos


Slammin pics and vids! That bus was flying!


Great shots and videos!


Thanks guys!



Most impressive!! Most impressive!!.What camera are you using?


Thanks! The camera I am using is a Sony Cybershot H20/B

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