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Louisiana man lets Saints fans shoot his TV.


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Amazing! But the Indianapolis Colts are also 12-0 (and 21-0 in the regular season since starting 3-4 last season).


The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost four straight to fall to 6-6.


The Steelers are now 6-7, they are done, stick a fork in them. I still feel like the Saints and Colts are going to lose a game or two going into the last month of the season.


You wouldn't get me to move to Louisiana for any amount of money. :eek:

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I hate this kind of stupid crap. There's nothing wrong with being a sports fan. I follow Yankees, Rangers, and to some extent the NY Giants.


But crap like this is dumb and why so many people think what they do about sports fans.


Yeah, blow up a big TV over a dumbassed bet. Meanwhile the money spent on a TV could help someone out or do some good. And better yet the idiots showed up hammered to shoot at his TV too bad one of them didn't have a Dick Cheney moment and they could lock some of these idiots up for idiocy.

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