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New York City Trivia

EE Broadway Local

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Test your knowledge of New York City Geography, History, Bridges and Tunnels, Landmarks and anything New York City that doesn't fit in either our Surface Transit Trivia or Rapid Transit Trivia Threads!


Trivia questions for members can be formed as a question, fill in the blank, multiple choice or true or false.


The object is to have fun while learning about New York City.


To start the thread: New York City's original name was New Amsterdam - True or False?

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whats the point to this, you can just go on wikipedia and find answers?
True, but the point, like in our Surface Transit and Rapid Transit trivia threads is to have fun and test your knowledge. Those two threads (plus our Guess The Location thread seem popular so I thought maybe a general New York City trivia thread might match - fitting in everything else the other three don't cover.
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Planned but unbuilt extension of the parkway?


nope, the Cross Island Parkway was originally numbered exits 1-12, tehn the soutehrn state continued the numbers, in the 60s they renumbered the cross island to have the belt parkway numbers and kept the soutehrn state exit numbers

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