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My own subway system


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Thanks for posting your ideas. Here is what I think:


1) There is no way you can extend the (A) into the Bronx; it is already the longest line in the subway (actually the longest subway line in the world, by some accounts), and the last thing the T/Os and C/Rs need is another 25-30 minutes on the job each way. There is no other line that enters all four boroughs for good reason.


2) There isn't much left in New York City north of Van Cortlandt Park. Riverdale riders probably vastly prefer their Metro-North commutes over the subway, and no one in that section of the Bronx is too poor to use commuter rail. Either way, a two or three station extension would be nice, but there is no need to send the (A) too. Even if the (A) or some other 8 Av/6 Av line was to be extended, it doesn't have to intersect with the (1) (how are you going to intersect elevated lines anyway?). As long as two lines are in close proximity, there is no actual need to make them intersect (although an intersection would provide a free transfer).


3) The northward extension of the (2)(4) and (5) seem fairly haphazard, "more stations in a straight line" plan. I am not sure about the wisdom of digging underneath Van Cortlandt Park to extend the (4) (no one would ever advocate digging under and establishing stations in Central Park, for e.g.). The one-station extensions on the (2)(5) seem superficial too, and it is unlikely that the expense in building the stations will ever be recouped in ridership numbers. I do not know anything about the area north of Pelham Bay Park and whether they could use subway service. However, given the numbers on the (6) train on any weekday, the last thing you want is more people to take the train.


4) Is the turquoise blue line an extension of the (:P(D) or a new line altogether? It seems hardly possible to extend the (B)(D) any further.


The idea of a Bronx-Brooklyn subway has been mentioned before (although yours goes to Queens), but I find either idea highly unrealistic. The preliminary work on such a line was supposedly part of Eliot Sander's $29.6 billion vision for the subway, virtually none of which will become reality because the money simply isn't there. (Think about the Second Avenue Subway and you will realize why the Bx-Bk subway is a pipe dream).




5) Extending the (7) to Little Neck has been proposed many times before. Indeed, I am surprised that extending the (7) has never actually been proposed in real life. Flushing-Main St has the highest ridership in the system for a station serving a single line, and virtually everyone there gets on a bus to go further into northeast Queens. A few months ago, two friends and I were going to this Thai restaurant and ended up walking almost an hour after not walking to a Q17 Ltd bus stop and taking a different bus for a short distance. I cannot believe how people in the area don't clamor for subway service and how the (7) has been left the way it was in 1915. I am all for an extension of the (7). The only catch is that residents of the upscale neighborhoods in that part of Queens, e.g. Bayside, do not want subway service and prefer to use LIRR instead.


6) The (W) extension makes sense, although you seem to make it stretch into Nassau County. The problem is the (MTA) cannot wait to cut the line altogether. As for joining it to the Queens Boulevard line, I don't know, you'll have to ask someone else's opinion on this. What I do know is that 71 Av-Forest Hills cannot handle another local. The reason the (G) only goes there late nights is that the station can only handle two locals, and the (R) and (V) keep its hands full. The (W) couldn't be extended there as a local with current infrastructure.


7) Almost everyone would like to see the (G) permanently extended to 71 Av, but no one has so far advocated joining it to the (J)(Z). Is there enough ridership to justify it?


8) Connecting the (M) to QBL: once again, I don't know.


9) The (L) extension from Canarsie to Rock Park has been mentioned before too. Whether it is feasible I do not know. But the (L) already takes about 30 minutes to get from 8 Av to Broadway Junction during rush hour, and another 10-12 minutes to Canarsie. Whether any time saving over the (A) and Rock Park (S) combo would result in uncertain. As for service below Flatbush Avenue-Nostrand Avenue-Avenue H (the (2)(5) terminal) is concerned, the Q35 and other Brooklyn buses to a fine job and no subway is needed.


10) There can never be a train on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, so forget about the subway to Staten Island unless you build another bridge or a tunnel.


Sorry if I was a bit harsh, just my frank opinions on your ideas.

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