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Testing New Layout @ TTMG...Want Honest Opinions

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The new layout looks good, for a bus that currently in testing. The problem I would see in the new layout is that you can have lengthy pages for all of the units in the order. (Unless you are going to use anchor points, etc.)


What you could try is having the same table but remove the picture info, and just have the pictures grouped by unit # in a grid arrangement.

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From the overwhelming response here as well as elsewhere, we're going ahead with the new gallery look. I've already converted the ABB, ACF and ADtranz Pages in the rail section of the site.


Here is a link to the ADtranz SEPTA page which show how I intend to handle pages with lots of photos. The rule is 25 photos and then we go into a multiple page situation:


Click To View


Thank you for your responses. At TTMG, we care about the viewer as you are the people who look at our work and we like you to enjoy your experience while visiting TTMG.

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Current Layout


Link To New Layout







Trev I really like TTMG. In fact, I wish I was a member. However, there's one pet peeve: in the pics section pics are arranged by manufacturer, not transit agency. Finding the pics that I want is a tedious process. Besides that TTMG is a nice place. There's a plethora of my favorite express bus, PATH, Metro-North, and Washington Metro pics.

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We used to organize it by transit property and it got real messy real fast when we started having multiple models and so forth.


It has been far easier to maintain the site using the mode->manufacturer->transit property tree. I may consider a rearrangement if I feel I can master the previous issues with having it set by transit property.


Drop me a PM about being a member or hit me up on my e-mail at tlogan@ttmg.org and we'll talk shop.

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