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Late Night At Newark Penn


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Slammin pics except one of them are way too big! Newark Penn Station is a dim station at night!


Thanks! I fix that large photo, don't know how that one slipped in there :) Yes it is, however for most shots I was shooting to keep most of the original lighting there and create a cinematic look. As you can see in the last two shots I lighten things up a bit. I like shooting more dark though... :P


Nice! NWK Penn is indeed interesting late at night.




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Nice. I've been stuck in NWK overnight before, there are definatly worse places to be stuck for a railfan! :cool:


- A


Sure is!! At least there's plenty of lights, places to sit, food, and if you need...police! :P


Nice photo of Newark at Night, :)!


Thanks brother!


cool ,looks so quiet and kinda creepy


It's not as creepy as it looks, just my style of shooting. Look at the last two photos, it's more light than I allowed in the shot.


Nice photos from up North, gotta love those Bi-Levels :tup:


Thanks! absolutely! :)


love those arrow III shots! so shiny...:cool:;)


Thanks, those silver bullets made great models :)


nice pics


Thanks Joe!


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