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Full PA plans for the PATH system..


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Aside from the "advanced version of the R142" which i think is semi-educated (but incorrect) guess, as IRT loading gauge prohibits cars as wide as the PA fleet this little contractor tidbit is very informative. It seems like they are indeed going to lengthen stations (or just grove st?) for 10 car operation, and will retire the younger PA4 by 2017 (which also happens to be the projected complete date for the WTC site's rebuild effort......


- A

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For now its the Red line (Newark - World Trade Center) that they want to make trains up to 10 cars long, so Grove Street would need to be extended but apparently its going to get a complete renovation so that the rest of the station can match the new entrance and hallway at the east end of the station. Its quite simple at Grove though, just tear down the walls for that hallway they got going for the new entrance, shaped it up and you got your platform which should be enough for 10 cars IIRC.


Harrison is being extended when the station gets renovated. Exchange Place can barely fit 10 cars IIRC but I believe they're already working on platform extending already with the NY bound platform. Journal Square is good for 10. And WTC is going to be able to handle 10 cars when the permanent station gets completed.


Now its not known the Port Authority's intention for the lines to 33rd Street and the Hoboken station, but thats staying normal until they say otherwise.

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