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Running the gauntlet (tracks).


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Funky gauntlet tracks! :eek:






How this works, is that a rail vehicle might be too far away or too close to a tunnel wall, platform edge, anything, so what they do, is make a gauntlet track, so the rail vehicle can have the proper clearance and not be too close or too far from where they want it to be. In the lower photo, a main line heavy rail track shares its rails between stations with a tram, but in stations the tram is too narrow to have the platforms be practical if it stayed on the center track set, so it switches depending on the direction it;s going. Mainline trains are wide enough to stay on the center track.


In the tunnel pictured however, they might want to move something oversize, like another rail vehicle, or other large piece of equipment or object, so to gain clearance for the object to pass, they switch to a track set farther away from the tunnel wall. Neat idea, i wonder if its use could be expanded.....


- A

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