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Your (commuter) carriage awaits!


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There was a buzz at King’s Cross this morning as platform 11b began crawling with police.


Could it be a drug bust, the crowd wondered? Or was a rock star about to board a train?


Then a small lady in a headscarf appeared, a handbag on one arm and a posy on the other.


Fellow passengers on the 10.45 First Capital Connect service to King’s Lynn couldn’t quite believe their eyes as the Queen stepped on board a first class carriage.


‘The Queen on a First Capital Connect – unbelievable!’ exclaimed Andrew Smith, who was making the same journey for a business meeting.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1236632/Your-commuter-carriage-awaits-The-Queen-catches-train-journey-Sandringham-Christmas.html#ixzz0a49N8zYp



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I love how they make it seem like she's riding with the common people but they can't ride in her car.


Yea, but the level of respect the crown has, even with people who dont like the royal family is far above anything any president aside from maybe FDR could relate to. Even the russian royal family, though some people thought (sometimes very angrily) they should have less lavish lifestyles, had 110% respect for the people themselves, because that family MADE russia from the very beginning The guy who shot the royal family in saint petersburg after the siege of the winter palace later shot himself (dead) out of shame.


I'd like to see any sitting us president hop a train with the general public like that, even if they did have their own car to themselves.


- A

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Good to see the British royal family not wasting taxpayer money. As the article pointed out, using the dedicated royal train would cost 57,142 pounds ($92,101) each time it is used.


I think in this day and age for any monarch/head of state to be traveling in luxury in personal vehicles (royal trains/private jets) should be seen as elitist and out of touch with the common people. More leaders should be setting a good example and using the same services that are made available to the public.


I applaud the Queen and other European leaders for their moves.


It is unfortunate that sometimes such openness would be taken advantage of, such as the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 in the Stockholm subway. I have always admired Palme for trying to be an "ordinary citizen". I suppose few, if any, other leaders would travel without a bodyguard, and in spite of the cost to the taxpayer one cannot deny leaders the protection.




I have to conclude that Europeans are ahead of the US (and the rest of the world) as far as their leaders trying to live like ordinary citizens are concerned.

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