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Blizzid BMT Photos

Fred G

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I was fortunate to hang with the TTMG men yesterday and haven't had so much fun railfanning in eons. It was an excellent trip with truly great folks. Thanks so much.


I'd like to show some shots out the back of the R42 we rode over Broadway in Brooklyn.




Our sturdy coach. Somebody already lifted the builder plate out of it :P









So long R42.


Thanks for looking.

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:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: UNLIMITED! Amigo :)


Thanks, bud! :)


Man these are amazing!


Thanks, Charles.


great job


Thank you!


Great photos! What an excellent trip it was. Now if only my camera hadn't died when we got the 42 :(


Thanks, and it was a wonderful trip to be sure. Nice meeting you and bring a spare battery :)


Awesome shots!


Thanks, and it was nice meeting you.


Excellent shots!


Thanks, Curtis :)

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Those are some tough scenes to shoot, Fred. Good work. :tup:


Thanks very much, Joe.


Great job as always Fred. Must have been cold as **** out there.


Yep was crappy out but the cameraderie with fellow railfans made it seem warmer.


great pics




(T)he (G)reat Fred (G) blessing us BMT style:tup::tup:


(T)hanks (V)ery (M)uch!


Excellent pic, especially the last one, put a tear in my eye :(


Thanks, and here's a hankie, they're still running sometimes :):tup:


Slammin pics!


Slammin thanks!


Awesome photos, the first and last one made me sad, this R-42 (J) is one hard worker and going to be retired soon, :)...


Thanks, Megabus. I'll miss the 42's also.

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Hey Fred around what time was you guys on the (J) Line?


What Pablo said and me over at GrouchChat.


Yeah that last one was an epic farewell.The pics are great.




Bee-yootiful pics Fred! Good running into you at NH Later that night too :)


Thanks, you too. It made the layover a lot better.


I seriously love the 2nd and 3rd photos!!! Antique!



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