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My Updated FIND Collection

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(E) Broadway Local WTF


That one was a G.O to Whitehall St. The (E) is my favorite train to catch a reroute.


I've never been on new those new trains, is that a roll sign or a digital display?


Its a digital display


I'll try to simplify all the displays...


1st: (E) to Whitehall via the (R) (G.O)

2nd: (E) from the 2 Av (V) station to Jamaica Center (G.O)

3rd: (E) to 2 Av via the (F) (G.O)

4th: (E) to 179 St (F) station but its that special display when the FIND is off, & the top display says "(MTA) NYC TRANSIT". Usually seen during G.O's but this one was rush hour.

5th: (E) via (F) to West 4 St then back to normal (G.O)

6th: (F) to Euclid Av via the (C). Also at the same time the (G) went to Coney Island (G.O)

7th: normal (F) but queens local instead of express (G.O's & winter weather)

8th: (F) from Coney Island to Church Av (G.O)

9th: normal (F) (see explaination at #4)

10th: normal (F) to Avenue X. This was a rush hour put-in

11th: (F) via the (A) from Jay to West 4 St. (G.O)

12th: normal (F)

13th: (F) from 179 St to Jay St (G.O)

14th: the original (F) route before the (V) came

15th: normal weekend (J) service

16th: normal midday (M) service

17th: weekend shuttle (M)

18th: weekend shuttle (M)

19th: late night (N) service

20th: normal (Q) service

21st: normal (Q) service

22nd: this one was a mistake by the C/R but coincendentally, I was right there

23rd: you would see this one right before the C/R shanges it at the terminal

24th: normal (W) service

25th: late night (W) service to Kings Hwy via 4 Av & Sea Beach local

26th: (Z) to Bway Jct (after a.m rush)

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